About DKI

There is a rich and long-standing research on developing solutions and technologies to support human life in the desert as well as understanding the complexity of the desert ecosystem.

DKY is a non-profit organization devoted to the promoting and sharing of desert knowledge in a variety of channels, using different tools, to a wide range of communities, worldwide.

The unique knowledge and technology developed in Israel to support life in desert areas is also relevant to regions that are not currently desert but at risk of drying or experiencing desert like conditions.

Desert knowledge can help societies to adjust and cope with desertification and climate change effects, and therefor support residents of affected regions.

The activities and programs of DKI are based on the rich knowledge base of academics, researchers and experts who have been living and conducting research in Israel’s Negev desert for decades. The Desert Knowledge Interface activities and proposed programs are is intended for professionals, college students, eco-tourists, decision makers and the general public from around the world.