Desert 101 - Field Camp Journey

This workshop will train participants in the basics of living in desert conditions, such as finding water sources, desert survival skills, understanding life in the desert and general awareness of living in the desert.

Workshop Description

The Desert 101 Field Camp Journey is an immersive experience in which we will learn about, through local phenomena, the global causes of how deserts are created around the world and the way the flora and fauna have learned to adapt to extreme conditions. We will also investigate the role of man in the desert ecosystem and develop an understanding of desert economics. The workshop will address questions such as how to exploit the "disadvantage" of desert stress conditions for human benefit and how to deal with water stress conditions. The journey will travel through fascinating landscapes and phenomena and incorporate experiential segments.

This workshop is also offered in Hebrew.

Workshop Topics

  • - Why deserts were created, how the desert is defined, where are deserts located and why, types of deserts
  • - Special climatic conditions (climatology)
  • - Desert water: Aquifer, springs, dew, dunes, micro-habitats, brackish water, desert water production.
  • - Desert plants: adaptation of plants to extreme conditions, desert habitats and their significance to plants, trees and their contribution to the desert ecosystem
  • - Desert animals: adaptation of animals to extreme conditions (physiological, habitat and behavioral)
  • - Man in the desert: Behavioral adaptation of man to the desert, wandering, temporary structures and permanent structures
  • - Desertification as a global phenomenon
  • - Desert economy and longevity: How the world will use the insights learned from the desert in the near future

Workshop Location Map

Additional Workshop Information

Price: 550 - 850 USD. The workshop will open to a minimum of 12 participants. We are open to both group registration and individuals
Location: Workshop will be held outdoors. Overnight stay will be in tents.
Workshop Director: Ziv Shertzer
Workshop Length: 3 - 5 days
Walking Level: Moderate to Hard. Up to 14km a day
Equipment Required: Walking gear, outdoor sleeping gear. We will send a full list of required equipment to participants

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