Desert Ecology

This workshop will focus on the various factors affecting the flora and fauna in deserts and how humankind functions within this ecosystem, including a study of the positive and negative environmental impacts that our actions have on this type of environment.

Workshop Description

This workshop will cover the principles and processes associated with the desert environment. We will study the characteristics of deserts around the world, from their unique qualities to those all deserts have in common. We will learn about the most suitable places to live in the desert, examine the differences between macro and micro-habitats and discuss in detail the role of humans in the desert ecosystem and the impact we have on it. The workshop will combine classroom lectures, field trips and experiences.

The workshop is also offered in Hebrew.

Workshop Topics

  • - What is a Desert - Climate, Soil Fertility, Manufacturing
  • - Geography of Deserts
  • - Desert Biogeography
  • - Micro Habitats
  • - The Rhythm of Desert Life: Daily Circle, Seasonal Circle, Annual Circle
  • - Bergman Allen Laws: Morphological and Physiological Impact
  • - The Desert Ecosystem
  • - Man in the Desert - Mutual Impacts
  • - Desert soils and their influence on flora and fauna
  • - Desert Co-Evolution

Workshop Location Map

Additional Workshop Information

Price: 850 USD / 3000 NIS. The workshop will open to a minimum of 16 participants. Seats are limited!
Location: Midreshet Ben-Gurion. Hamburg Guest House
Workshop Director: Hagar Leshner
Workshop Length: 5 days, 40 study hours
Walking Level: Easy. Up to 5km a day
Equipment Required: Walking gear

Price includes:
1) Full accommodation. Price is based on two people sharing a double bed room (if you would like to have a private room you would need to pay extra $150 USD). 2) 3 meals a day except first day (dinner only) and last day (breakfast and lunch only). 3) Graduate certificate issued by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Magid Continuing Education Institute. 4) Workshops will be held in English. 5) All transportation within the workshop is included in this price (In the same workshop conducted in Hebrew we do not include transportation cost as attendees use their own cars)

Price does not include:
1) Transportation to and from the workshop location(Transportation from TLV is available for an additional cost).

Field trips included:Yeruham and Yeruham Park, the Great Crater, Zin Valley and Ein Avdat, Avdat farm

Target Audience: Teachers, research students, professionals, general knowledge-seekers

Workshop cancelation: We reserve the right not to open the workshop due to a minority of participants or any other reason. In this case the paid tuition will be fully refunded.

Cancelation Policy:
Cancellation within up to 14 days of registration - a refund will be given less a cancellation fee of 5% of the price paid. Cancellation in less than 14 days from registration to 10 days from start of workshop - 90% refund will be given. Cancellation in less than 10 days and up to the day of the workshop - 70% refund will be given.

Available Dates

Start dateEnd dateStart timeEnd timeLengthWorkshop TypeDaysCode:
March 29, 2020March 31, 202012:0018:003IDKI104-A

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