The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon) Field Camp

This workshop focuses on understanding the geology and ecology of the Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon), as well as familiarization with the common plants and animals which reside in the Ramon area.

Workshop Description

At the Desert Field Camp at Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon), workshop participants will study the causes of craters in the desert landscape, as well as the unique flora and fauna endemic to the crater and how they adapt to extreme conditions. We will also investigate the ways in which humankind impacts and changes the desert ecosystem, and the balance needed between human needs and nature conservation. On this journey we will travel through fascinating landscapes and natural phenomena and incorporate field workshops.

This workshop is also offered in Hebrew.

Workshop Topics

  • - Why craters are created in the desert, how are craters defined, location of craters in Israel and worldwide.
  • - Desert Plants: Adaptation of plants to stress conditions, desert habitats and their significance to plants, trees and their contribution to the desert ecosystem
  • - Desert Animals: Adaptation of animals to extreme conditions (physiological, habitat and behavioral).
  • - Animal Rehabilitation: Understanding ecological changes from restoring animals to the desert environment
  • - Ancient and new ways of human life in the desert and its environmental impact
  • - Man in the Desert - investigating the delicate balance between human needs and the conservation of nature

Workshop Location Map

Additional Workshop Information

Price: 550 USD. The workshop will open to a minimum of 12 participants. We are open to both group registration and individuals
Location: Workshop will be held outdoors. Overnight stay will be in tents.
Workshop Director: Ziv Shertzer
Workshop Length: 3 days
Walking Level: Moderate to Hard. Up to 14km a day
Equipment Required: Walking gear, outdoor sleeping gear. We will send a full list of required equipment to participants

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