Water in the Desert

This workshop focuses on understanding the issues around water management in deserts for all its inhabitants and learning about potential solutions based on historical and current methods and technologies.

Workshop Description

Water is the source of life and in the desert, and life in the desert is dependent of the optimal utilization of water resources. In this workshop we will learn about the factors that affect the availability and water resources of the desert by investigating issues such as: how plants and animals survive when water is scarce, how humans have used and stored water in the desert throughout the centuries through historical and modern methods and technologies. The workshop will be taught through a combination of classroom lectures and field trips.

This workshop is also offered in Hebrew.

Workshop Topics

  • - Water as the source of life in the desert and its importance to the desert ecosystem.
  • - Geology and geomorphology of deserts.
  • - Desert Rain (Climatology).
  • - Desert farming, water capacity of land and its impact on water use.
  • - Water collection techniques: cisterns and reservoirs, river diversion, wells.
  • - Dew and its effect on desert vegetation.
  • - Life around the water sources in the desert.
  • - Adaptation of plants and animals in desert conditions.
  • - Water in the modern age: desalination, recycling and recovery of water, gray-water for agriculture, water regulation, natural water treatment ponds, drilling, use of brackish water, reservoirs.
  • - Innovative technologies: membranes, reverse osmosis, water quality, drinking water and water for agriculture.
  • - Water management

Workshop Location Map

Additional Workshop Information

Price: 550 - 850 USD. The workshop will open to a minimum of 12 participants. We are open to both group registration and individuals
Location: Midreshet Ben-Gurion. Hamburg Guest House
Workshop Director: Hagar Leshner
Workshop Length: 3 - 5 days
Walking Level: Easy. Up to 5km a day
Equipment Required: Walking gear

Field trips included: Workshop attendees will conduct site visits and tours to the Midreshet Ben-Gurion campus, Avdat farm, and Ramalia cistern. Field exercises will include computational studies of runoff water patterns, studies of desert vegetation and adaptation techniques to desert conditions, and a field test/data collection exercise that will include embedding cameras around desert water sources and examining results the next day.

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