Terms Of Service

.Use of the www.midbar.org website, or any site that replaces it or is added to it (the “Site”), by you, the End User (the “End User”), including, registration for the Site, or any other activity, constitute the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, set out below (the “Terms of Use”).

If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, you should refrain from using the Website.

1. General
1.1. The site is operated by “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and provides a platform for differnt forms of knowledge about desert on various subjects (hereinafter: “The Service”).
1.2. The activities are offered directly or through third parties (hereinafter: “the workshops”).
1.3. The site may contain links to third party sites. These third-party sites are not under the control and / or control of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and it does not review the content and / or activity of these external sites and is not responsible for them.

2. Create a user account
2.1. The right to use the site is personal and non-transferable.
2.2. To use the site, you may need to create a user account, including a username and password, as well as enter certain details, such as name, age, area of ​​residence, which will be used for identification or for registration.
2.3. The End User is solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the Site’s password and / or anything related to it. The End User undertakes to provide only true details and to keep the Site’s password confidential and not to transmit to another.
2.4. Any person, including a corporation, may use the Site, including making purchases through the Website, subject to the following cumulative conditions: You are 18 or above. You have a valid credit card registered under your name and a valid email address.
2.5. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” may prevent you from using the Website, either temporarily or permanently, in its sole discretion and without prior notice and without any obligation to state its decision.

3. Changing Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
3.1. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” may, at any time, change and / or discontinue any feature of the Website.
3.2. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” may at any time change the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy at its sole discretion, without any obligation to provide notice of the matter.
3.3. In the event that “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” makes any major changes to the Terms of Use, “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” will notify all end-users by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address with which the end user is registered or by posting a notice of such change on the website.
3.4. Any change in the Terms of Use will apply immediately to all End Users from the date of the change, unless it is a change which, in the opinion of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface”, is a major change, then the change will apply from the date of the above e-mail message or from the date of publication of the notice on the site, Any use by the End User of the Website after the mentioned changes will be considered by the End User to accept the changes.
3.5. We encourage you to re-read, from time to time, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to keep up to date with changes.

4. Rights and Uses Allowed
4.1. The site is the private property of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface”. Each session / user visiting or using the site must comply with the Terms of Use.
4.2. Any end-user activity on the site and / or in connection with the site must be for legitimate purposes only and in connection with the related activites  or with their acquisition only.
4.3. Any end-user behavior which in its sole discretion interferes with any other end-user from using and enjoying the Site is prohibited.

5. Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademarks
5.1. The Website contains copyrighted material, trademarks and content and other proprietary information, including text, software, images, video, graphics, music and sounds. The End User may not modify, post, transmit and / or participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works or otherwise exploit the content on the Website in any way, in whole or in part, except as otherwise expressly provided by law. Any reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication or commercial exploitation of any material from the Site, without the express permission of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” or the copyright owner, is prohibited.
5.2. The word “Daat Midbar” and “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” as well as any other trademark appearing on the site containing the word “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and “Desert Knowledge”, whether a trademark containing words / letters or a trademark is a trademark, are Trademark of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” And is part of its property and all rights therein are reserved. All other trademarks appearing on the Site are the property of their legal owners.

6. Responsibility and Indemnity
6.1. The End User hereby expressly agrees that the use of the Website is at its sole risk. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” , its Managers, its affiliates, agents, or anyone on their behalf, third parties providing content and licenses and all Their managers, directors, employees, agents do not represent or warrant that the use of the Website and / or any unique link will be uninterrupted and / or faultless and / or error free and / or rendered uninterrupted, nor are they liable for any potential consequences that are caused from the use of the Website and / or the User Program, and do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, service or services provided through the site.
6.2. Access is available on the basis of “AS IS”.
6.3. Without derogating from the foregoing, “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” shall not be liable to any end user and / or to any third party for any damage, whether direct or indirect, caused by the use of the Site, and / or the purchase of workshops.
6.4. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” shall not be liable for any act or omission in breach of the Terms of Use.
6.5. End User agrees to protect and indemnify “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface”, its directors, and its affiliates, agents and / or anyone on their behalf against any claim and / or demand, including expenses and attorneys’ fees, arising out of or related to its activity Under these Terms of Use and / or unlawfully, infringement of intellectual property or other rights of a person or entity by an end user and / or another operating through an end user’s computer or password.

7. Limitation of Liability
7.1. Under no circumstances will “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” be liable for any damage and / or loss and / or direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential and / or punitive damages arising out of and in connection with this Agreement.
7.2. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, in any case the liability and overall responsibility of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall not exceed the amounts actually charged by “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” from the end user

8. Privacy and Confidentiality
8.1. All personal information of the end user and / or the business (name, profile picture, e-mail, etc.) provided by the end user as part of its registration and use of the website, and information collected about the end user and / or business usage patterns will be stored in the databases of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and will not be shared with other parties.
8.2. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” may use the end user’s personal information and information that is collected about their the end-user usage patterns, subject to any law, including:
8.2.1. Transferring the information to a service provider related to a workshop or service;
8.2.2. Operating and improving the service;
8.2.3. Providing notices in connection with and use of the Site;
8.2.4. Analysis of statistical information and its presentation and / or delivery to third parties, provided that such information is anonymous.
8.3. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” will not use the details of the end user’s payment method except to make a payment for a transaction requested by the end user, and this information will not be transmitted to any other party for that purpose.
8.4. The credit card details are not stored in the “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” databases.
8.5. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” will not sell and / or rent and / or transfer the end user’s personal information, as disclosed to them, in whole or in part, to any third party. This does not prevent “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” from transmitting statistical information that does not include identifying information to third parties.
8.6. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” may transfer the end user’s personal information to a third party in the following cases:
8.6.1. When user consent was obtained;
8.6.2. The End User has committed an act or omission which, in the sole discretion of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface”, may offend “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and / or any third parties;
8.6.3. The End User has made use of the Service, in a manner which, in its sole discretion, may be unlawful;
8.6.4. If a “judicial opinion” was passed by a judicial order or other order instructing the end-user details as well as any dispute or legal proceedings;
8.6.5. In the event of any transfer, merger or purchase of the Website
8.7. Website activity is performed in an online environment. Therefore, “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” cannot guarantee complete immunity from intrusion into its computers or the disclosure of information stored by illegal perpetrators. If a third party is able to infiltrate and retain or misuse information ,” the end user will have no claim against “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” .
8.8. Actions  that are not under the control of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and / or resulting from a Higher Power, “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, whether indirect or direct, caused to the End User and / or anyone on your behalf with this information lost or used.
8.9. “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” may use “cookies” to provide the end user with a fast and efficient service and save the end user the need to enter their personal information at each login.

9. Cancellation of the Agreement
“Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason and without cause, in its sole discretion, and without notice to the End User. Cancellation of this agreement will not prejudice the continued applicability of conditions which, by their nature, remain in force even after the cancellation of a contract.

10. Delivery of messages
10.1. In order to be updated on the offers published on the site from time to time, “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” would like to send you e-mails, to the e-mail address you provided to “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” when opening the account on the Site. You hereby authorize “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and / or anyone on its behalf to send you such e-mails. To the extent that you have provided your telephone number, you confirm to “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and / or on its behalf to send you urgent update notices such as in the event of cancellation or change of time and workshop location to which you have registered. If you wish to stop receiving e-mails or phone messages, please contact the “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” Customer Service department at hello@midbar.org and request removal from the mailing list.
10.2. By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree that – “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” and / or anyone on its behalf may from time to time contact you with marketing and advertising offers, including through direct mail, SMS, e – mail, facsimile, automatic dialing system and / or Any other means of communication.

11. Miscellaneous
11.1. The section headings are for convenience and orientation purposes only and will not be used for interpretation of the Terms of Use.
11.2. This agreement is in favor of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface”, and gives “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” the right to enforce the terms of the agreement. Except as set forth above, this Agreement does not constitute a contract in favor of a third party and it does not confer any right to any third party.
11.3. No waiver, refusal of action or extension provided by “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” shall not be deemed to waive its rights under this Agreement and / or under any law, and shall not constitute a precedent for any other case, and shall not prejudice the right of “Israel Desert Knowledge Interface” to exercise its rights. At any time, you will not hear any claim regarding waiver or stay.
11.4. The law applicable to the operations on this site and these terms of use is the Israeli law only. Unique and exclusive authority to hear any claim and / or request that may be filed in connection with this Agreement is vested in a competent court in Be’er Sheva as appropriate.
11.5. The lack of validity of one or more of the terms of this contract will not affect the validity of this contract as a whole. A condition that is invalid or unenforceable will be replaced by a condition that is closest to the original condition that it replaces, to the extent permitted by law.